Solving Your Puppyś Potty Training Problems

Housebreaking and Potty Training are one of the issues that I am contacted the most about as a dog trainer. And it makes sense…a dog that is not potty trained is not just a nuisance. He can destroy entire houses and apartments, given enough time and access!

House Training your Puppy or Dog

Have you ever walked into a house and just been hit by that acrid smell? I have. The ammonia can burn your lungs (literally), and it is not something that anyone wants to live with.

Some people who contact me have dogs that definitely need professional help. Somewhere along the lines, the wires got crossed, and their pups are desperately confused about where and when they are supposed to do their business. I had one dog come to visit that was SURE that the only place for her to potty in this WORLD was her crate. Where she slept. Very confused dog.

I have had other clients whose dogs are pad trained, but they want to transition them to going outside. That can be another tricky situation, and can definitely require the help of a professional trainer. But I have some good news for you.

The good news is…

MOST potty training problems can be solved at home! By you! Yup, it is totally true. With the exception of a few clients, most folks I will give them some tips to try on their own and not talk them into an expensive training package.

Potty Train Your Puppy or Dog

With a little bit of guidance, you are 100% capable of teaching your dog where and when to do their business. And if you are able to do it yourself? That means that you can save hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars on dog training, and on carpet and furniture repair.

And speaking of guidance…

Since we mentioned it above, I have put all of my housebreaking, house training, potty training knowledge together into a simple, easy-to-follow online course for folks like you, who just need to know where to start!

Get Started Here!

This course, Potty Training 101, includes step by step instructions on how to outdoor potty train AND pad train your puppy or dog, how to avoid the most common housebreaking mistakes that I hear about, AND a bonus lesson on how to Bell Train your dog!

Potty train your puppy or dog

If you have questions about potty training your pup, most likely they are answered RIGHT HERE in this course. Check it out now, and save yourself a whole LOT of time, frustration, stress, and money by following the steps included in the course.

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4 thoughts on “Solving Your Puppyś Potty Training Problems”

  1. I have a 15 week old Sheltie. We feed him 3 times a day and keep him confined to he kitchen, or a crate at night, and a small fenced area when we are gone. Most times he goes to the door and rings a bell or he barks at us when he needs to go out. All of a sudden he will go pee when he goes out, and after we come in he poops on the floor with no warning to want to go out at all. We keep him outside and walk him for 10 to 15 min.
    He used to go when outside, but something has made him want to poop inside.

    1. Yikes! That’s actually a pretty common problem, and it makes sense when you think of things from your puppy’s point of view! When he goes outside, he wants to play and enjoy the great outdoors, but he also knows that as soon as he goes poop, the fun is probably going to end and he will have to go back inside. This is such a common problem that I cover it in detail in my potty training course, which you can find here.

      Best of luck, and let me know how it goes!

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