What to Expect from Virtual Dog Training

In these crazy times, the face of dog training is changing. Since I began this journey as a professional trainer, I have always used the three most traditional types of training: Group Classes, Private Training, and Board and Train. Each type of training has its own merits, but there’s one thing that they all have in common: they involve personal contact.

Why Virtual Dog Training is Great

Because of the social distancing guidelines, and our voluntary quarantine, we are changing how we do business around here. Rather than group classes and private, in-home training, we are shifting to doing Virtual Training. What is Virtual Training, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Get Coaching Online

The biggest shift is that instead of being right in your home with you, face-to-face, I’ll be conducting all of my classes and private training sessions via video-conference. While it does limit me from putting my own hands on your dog and helping you that way, it absolutely gives me enough access and understanding of the behavioral issues that we are working with, and lets me develop a plan for how to fix them.

Whether you decide to use Google Hangouts (which you need a Gmail account for) or Skype, we will set up our session the same way we would if we were working in person. Depending on what program you choose to do, we will work on any specific troubles that you have with your dog (potty training, crate training, food aggression, impulse control), as well as all of the behaviors that your pup needs to be a good citizen!

What Virtual Dog Training is all about

Demonstrations of all of the exercises

Just because I’m not in your living room with you to train does not mean that you won’t be able to see what the exercises I teach you look like! I’ll talk you through everything that we do, and I will have my own dogs available to demonstrate what everything looks like. The more that you see it done while you’re working on something with your dog, the easier it is for you to put into practice.

And, of course, I’ll watch how you work with your pup and give you suggestions and encouragement along the way.

Follow up with additional resources

Just because our session is finished does not mean my help ends there! After each training session, you’ll recieve a detailed email with a list of everything we’ve worked on, suggestions for continued work until our next session, and helpful resources and articles attached. I’m at your disposal via email once we’ve started working together, so send me your questions, comments, and ideas about how you’d like to move forward!

What's great about virtual dog training

How do we start?

You ready to get started with some training for your dog? If quarantine has made you realize that you might need some help getting your pup under control, Virtual Training may be the best bet for you right now! It helps us both to stay safe and protected, but still gives you a completely personalized training experience. To get started, click here to fill out our information form! And, because these sessions take place online, we can work together even if you do NOT live in the Dallas area!

Just because we are staying home and staying safe does NOT mean that you need to live life with a misbehaving dog. Get in touch and let’s set something up!

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