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In-Home Training

Are you dealing with a disruptive dog? Our In-Home Program is perfect for helping to get your dog on track, right in the comfort of your own home! With our trainer as your coach, you’ll learn how to create an amazing relationship with your dog, and how to teach them the behaviors they need to be a great companion!

The Details:

6 Training sessions in your home, or a place of your choosing.

A personalized training plan for your family.

Teaching basic commands.

Solving more complex challenges.


Unlimited email support.

One bonus session anytime down the road.

Canine Unlimited Program

Are you worried that you just don’t have the time to devote to your pup’s training? This program is designed for folks who need a trainer to teach everything, from simple manners to complex problems like reactivity, crate training, or potty training, right here at Sarah’s home.

This program provides a completely personalized training plan, followed for 21 days in your trainer’s house. Your dog won’t be kept in any sort of kennel facility, just become one of the family here for the duration of his or her training.

When it’s time for your dog to head home, you’ll be supported 100% with follow up sessions right in your home.

The Details:

21 days of training, here in your trainer’s home.

A personalized training plan, specially made for your dog.

Basic commands needed to be an excellent lifelong companion.

Unlimited In-Home follow up for life!


Unlimited email support.

Guaranteed for the life of your dog!

Behavior Consultations

Does your dog have only one or two challenges that you need help with? You don’t feel like you need a whole program, but you need a little help? The Behavior Consultation is designed as a one-shot deal, to troubleshoot your challenge and get you pointed in the right direction for success!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

All of our training is covered by our satisfaction guaranteed. If you feel like your dog’s behavior is just not where you want it to be by the end of our programs, we will provide as much training as you need to meet your needs!

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