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No more dog struggles!

Training your dog will get you the companion you want!

  • Does your dog embarrass you in public?
  • Would you like a dog that you can live safely and easily with?
  • How about a great companion that you can trust wherever you go?
  • Wouldn’t you love effortless communication? A dog that is eager and happy to please you?
  • Great news!  We can help!

We specialize in obedience and behavior training, reactivity, and sound sensitivity training.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  

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“Sarah Roberts has a real gift when it comes to working with animals.  Very perceptive and observant.  She notices things other people don’t, and I think that’s what makes her so brilliant.  My fearful and reactive dog, Murphy, responded wonderfully to her direction.  I’d recommend Sarah to anyone who sincerely wants to see their dog change for the better.”image2 (1)

~Janet Healey, Creative Director for Hooray for the Underdog, Dallas, TX

Why Our Training Works

Comprehensive Programs

It is our privilege to provide concrete, clear results to our clients.  Our Dog Training Programs are designed to provide fast, complete results to fix your training troubles, no matter what the issue.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to see you and your dog living happily and peacefully together.  If you don’t, we will provide further training at no extra cost until your dog’s behavior is how you imagined it!

The Results are REAL!

Don’t you wish you could stop changing your life to accommodate your dog’s bad behaviors?  We help real people with real problems, so you can trust your dog to be the companion you dreamed of.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help dog owners put the struggles and embarrassment of a badly behaved dog behind them, and start enjoying life with your dog, as it should be!

Our experience has been that a well-behaved dog is not the exception to the rule.  In fact, it can be the rule for every dog in every family, as long as you have the right trainer to guide you.  We provide support so that you can have the pup you always dreamed of, and put the chaos of a poorly behaved dog in the history books where it belongs.

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