What does a good dog look like to you?

  • Does your dog embarrass you in public?
  • Does he pull on the leash, bark at guests, and jump up on your friends?
  • Wouldn’t you love a dog you can live safely and peacefully with?
  • How about a dog that happily follows your lead?
  • Do you wish you had the dog that your friends complimented all the time?

Great news! We can help!

Dallas/Fort Worth Dog Training for Families

The Rational Dog offers programs that are specially designed to teach you, your family, and your dog everything you need to know for a calm and happy relationship with your dog, so that you can finally have the best friend you’ve been looking for!

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Direct Services

Do you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are looking for some training help with your dog? We offer both In Home and Residency training programs to help you and your dog in the most comfortable and convenient way possible!

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Online Courses

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly training opportunity, take our FREE quiz to discover what your #1 Dog Dilemma is, and which one of our online learning opportunities can help you!

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Online Membership

Our membership site is filled with training articles, video tutorials, and an awesome community of dog owners just like you! Whether you’re working with your first puppy, or you’re a long time owner, there’s a spot for you! Head over to our membership site to learn more!

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Sarah has so many fresh ideas about animal training! I have trained dogs for 45 years and Sarah gave me quite an education. I’m so looking forward to working with her again.

Linda, Rockwall TX

Why our training works

Comprehensive Programs. Our programs focus on setting up your family for success, teaching your dog the behaviors that it needs to know to be a great companion for your family, and teaching you how to avoid common problems that arise with dogs and their people.  Each program is completely personalized to meet the unique needs of your family and your dog!

Completely Personalized. Our goal is to get YOU living peacefully with your dog and to give the two of you a balanced relationship. To do this, we get to know you, your family, and your dog’s unique story and situation so that we can create a program that will lead you to success.

The Results are REAL!  Do you want to help your dog fit into your family, and head off problems before they ever occur?  Of course you do! We help real people solve real problems, from potty training to manners and socialization! With you in control, you can be sure that your dog will be a happy follower, not trying to take charge.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help families get their dog’s behavior challenges under control, so that common problems never happen!  We help you to avoid the stress and confusion of not knowing how to train your furry friend so that your whole family can be happy living a stress-free life with a well-behaved companion!

Check out our Services Page to see how we can help your family grow in peace!

Dallas Fort Worth Dog Training

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